What we're about

This is a club for all coffee lovers who likes to learn about specialty coffee, brew coffee or just appreciate the great taste of specialty coffee from all over the world. Centred around great coffee and places which serve great coffee, we hope this club can become a sanctuary for us to explore all there is about coffee. We hope to share coffee knowledge, experiment with coffee brewing, explore coffee places and most importantly make friends among people with the common love for coffee. We will organise meetups at places with great coffee, sharing sessions, coffee brewing gatherings and possibly classes from experts.

The bottomline is: Enjoying life through coffee! Join us now!

Past events (25)

Monthly Kaffee Gathering - Boyle's Coffee

Boyle's Coffee

Monthly Kaffee Gathering - Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee

Tiong Hoe Specialty COffee

Monthly Kaffee Gathering - Prodigal Roasters

Prodigal roasters

Monthly Kaffee Gathering - Old Hen Coffee Bar

Old Hen Coffee Bar

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