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Let go of the fear of waves and relish the ocean as you surf your way through the clean waters at Varkala beach. Experience the thrill of surfing and the joy of learning a new sport under the guidance and training of veterans. Over the years, Varkala Surfing Club has introduced hundreds of youngsters to the world of surfing. Come with an open mind and we will take care of the rest. Call us to learn more.

The Varkala beach is one of the most sought after beaches in South India. Why? The food, the culture and the of course, the weather. However, unknown to many, the Varkala beach is also one of the best voted beaches for surfing. From gentle waves for the beginner to the perfect green wave for the pro- Varkala has it all.
The amazing coastal line that spans several miles from Varkala to Pazhavoor offers plenty of surfing spots. Surfing is definitely one of the many “things to do in Varkala” that you should in fact try out.

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Surfing workshop on 6 Dec

Varkala cliff

Surfing workshop on 29 Nov

Varkala cliff

Surfing workshop on Nov 13

Varkala cliff

Surfing workshop on 11 Nov

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