What we're about

'This THING called LIFE' aims to provide a platform for individuals who are ready and willing to face their most wonderful gift of life ... THEMSELVES ... with the intention of sharing and growing together.

The meetups will consist of a series of topics relevant to the unfoldment of the psyche and soul ... as we embark on this journey of life and spiritual emergence. Presented in the format of public talks, seminars and discussion groups, it aims to encourage and ignite valuable insights for personal growth, processing and realisations about 'life', the 'self' and the thing that binds 'life and self' together.

There are times when we each realise that there must be much more to life as we encounter, experience, endure and enjoy all the wonders that life brings for us. We can discover and reveal this amazing experience together.

Currently we function as a support group for Advanced and Intermediate level Spiritual Travellers. It is a safe platform for individuals to share and grow together without fear of being judged or misunderstood. As the need arises, we may expand this to include the other levels of awareness.

Topics discussed and shared here can go quite deep and intense but is aimed to be practical and helpful.

How do you know if this group is a good fit for you?

1. You just got drawn to this and you just know but you cant explain it.

2. You are searching for answers but not externally. You may have been to groups, workshops and meetings but feel that the groups have only been skimming the surface of what you are searching for.

3. You can see through many levels of awareness in people around you and are trying to make sense of it all.

4. You may be emerging after a time of being withdrawn from normal interactions. So, the idea of being in a big group may be daunting. This group is kept small and secure for your experience.

5. Ready to acknowledge and move on. (No longer in the space of going round and round trying to understand why somethings are the way they are)

I look forward to having you all join us on this wonderful journey of the self and life.

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Your purpose - Completion

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Connecting with others on different levels of development

RSVP required to indicate numbers as attendees come from outside of Meetup too. Address provided when RSVP.

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