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We are success-driven people who like staying honest, letting loose and enjoying ourselves.

We particularly enjoy drinking our favorite libations in cool venues with chill people.

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Hollywood Nerd & Geek Party

The Parlor

I know all of you were jocks and cheerleaders in high school so you don't understand how it feels to be a nerd. No worries. Now you have the opportunity to experience it firsthand at the upcoming Nerd and Geek Party. We will have a game to help you mingle and meet new friends. We will also have dance music that helps you get in the mood... to be ultra nerdy. :) I figured I can announce this event now so you can begin searching for that perfect outfit that you always wanted to wear in high school but was too cool to wear! Don't worry. High school is far behind us. I swear I won't judge you, laugh in your face, call you a nerd or yank your backpack as you run to class. Please pay cash $15 per nerd or geek at the door! We will host this at The Parlor on Melrose! We will start the evening at 9:30PM. Come play some games, have some drinks, and meet other friendly guests. We plan to end the evening at 1:00AM so those taking uber/lyft can hopefully avoid high surcharges! There will be valet parking for those that choose to drive (and some street parking - please read the sign). If you are drinking, please remember to save yourself LOTS of money by taking an uber/lyft (DUI is very costly). This event is cross-posted on several groups - Expect a great turnout! Parking: Valet is $10 per vehicle. There is street and metered parking around the neighborhood.

July 4 Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park Camping Trip [Laughs]

What are you doing for July 4th Holiday Weekend? Have you ever been to Sequoia National Park? The Sequoia trees are majestic! Let's go and spend a few days in the Park. What's nice about our campsite is that there are NO other campsites right next to us; we are by ourselves. Nearby is a shower, restaurant and convenience store. Perfection! We've done this trip before and had a blast! The cost $100 - goes towards the campground, Thursday, Friday and Saturday dinners plus coffee, oatmeal and pastries in the mornings -- and some other goodies. There are several places to pickup lunch. Roll up your sleeping bag, dust off your tent, have a cushy air-mattress along with your hiking attire and let's hang out the beautiful National Parks. Don't forget your bug spray, sun screen and lounge chair. Of course, bring some money to buy sandwiches for lunch or to shower. Join us on for a great weekend in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks! 1. What do I need to bring? A full list will be provided a week or two before the trip. But basically you need to bring your personal amenities and tent, sleeping bag air mattress etc. 2. What if I don't have a sleeping bag and/or tent? If you don't have a sleeping bag buy one or borrow one. You don't need a fancy one - a $20 one from Big 5 or Target will do. Or you can ask here is someone will share. Every time we've done this trip people have been willing to share tent space. 3. How does carpool work? The organizers will coordinate carpool for confirmed attendees based on where people are leaving from, when they can leave and whether or not they can drive. (Also included is a packing list with everything you'll need to bring and what you can expect.) Departure times are determined by drivers. Expect to hear more about 1 week prior to the trip. Once carpool is finalized we will send out an email with directions to the site. 4. What kind of car is required to get there? Any car is fine. You don't need 4WD or an SUV. You can even drive a lowered car. The roads are paved. 5. What will the weather be like? Typically the weather in the area is high 80's/90's in the day and high 50's/60's at night. It's great weather to camp! 6. What if I don't know anyone else going - is it weird to go by myself? Not at all! Most people come by themselves to these events and have a blast and end up with a new social circle of friends! 7. How do I lock in my spot? This trip is posted on many Meetup groups. I am centralizing everyone going into one group. If you want to go you must RSVP on my main group. Spots go to first paid, regardless of when you RSVP. This trip will fill up quickly so if you want to go lock in your spot with a payment. Here is a link to my main Meetup with more details and payment instructions: http://bit.ly/SequoiaMeetup This has been one of our most popular trips and has always been a great time!

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