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Get a Leg Up on the 2018 Real Estate Market. Learn to Read the Cycle.

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The real estate market is shifting! Attend this Meetup and discover which real estate investing strategies will give you the best cash flow and profit.

Even though we’re starting a new year, many people hold the same old opinions of real estate investing – it is like riding a roller coaster. It goes up. It goes down. The average person simply cannot stomach it. So what’s the secret to riding the real estate roller coaster with more confidence?

It is simple. You have to know when the ups or the downs are coming. And most importantly, what to do about it. In the book ‘Secrets of the Canadian Real Estate Cycle’, Don Campbell makes one thing very clear - as the phases of the cycle shift, so must a strategic investor’s tactics, or you will be caught off guard or left behind.

According to Don Campbell, “the real estate cycle is the key to strategic investing. Understanding the cycle begins with a mindset that accepts the cycle’s existence and the fact that strategic investors can identify the specific phases within past and present real estate cycles”.

At the January 16th Meetup, you’ll learn where we are in the real estate cycle and which real estate investing strategies will put the most money in your pocket. You’ll hear from Jennifer Hunt, an investor and real estate market analyst who works alongside Don Campbell at the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN). Jennifer will share the “Long-Term Real Estate Success Formula” that thousands of Canadian real estate investors are using to build profitable real estate portfolios without feeling overwhelmed or intimidated by the changing real estate market.

About Jennifer Hunt

Jennifer Hunt is the Vice President of the Real Estate Investment Network and began investing in real estate in 2009. Her real estate investing experience ranges from investing in syndicated mortgages, MICs and REITs with LIRAs, RRSPs and TFSAs. She has a real estate portfolio including vacation rentals, residential and multi-family properties (in Canada and the US). She has led and completed significant industrial real estate development projects in the US and closed commercial leases of over $5 million - some of which were high-profile, unique deals for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games. Jennifer is one of the first Real Estate Investment Advisors in Canada

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