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Join us for fun clothing-free social events! Let's meet up for naked coffee or a movie night. What about a clothing-free crazy socks party or clothing-free board game night? Looking for female only clothing-free events? Us too! Sound fun? Of course it does!

Before we get too far... Despite this group being a naturist group, profile photos should convey your interest in creating a safe, welcoming environment. I'm sorry to let you gentlemen down, but using your penis as your profile photo or displaying your erection in your profile photo tells us immediately that you are not a fit for this group. The fact I have to explain this... Is an entirely different animal.

BUT! The good news is we are being very careful in our selection process to ensure people with their heads and hearts in the right place find other people to connect with. And luckily we've met nothing but great people so far! So let's keep it up!

I can see you have questions. So let's answer them!

*-Who can Join-*

TLDR; sorry solo males, our wait list is full at the moment!
People who enjoy taking their clothes off with other people! Okay, so it's actually not quite that simple. Finding naturist groups with gender diversity and members under 40 is tough! We respect all of the brave solo male naturists out there. We also respect the older naturists out there too. But, we would like to create a naturist space that is more gender diverse and age-friendly to members under 40. What does this mean? Unfortunately, we are currently not accepting solo male members at this time. We've got a lot of male members and a long male member wait list. Right now we are focusing on building our female member base to create a more gender-balanced atmosphere. It is also important to specify we do not necessarily mean 50/50 when we mention gender balance. We would merely like to have enough female members in attendance that females feel safe, comfortable and represented.

*-I'm a solo male, now what?-*
No worries, you're more than welcome to join the wait-list. When reviewing solo male join requests, we are prioritizing members with naturist experience that are active in the Meetup community. But that will change as we build members. Your chances of being added are helped if you are: polite and patient, have a good profile photo (shows your face, not sexually explicit, etc..). What not to do? Express your frustration at not being added to this group yet by being rude, profane or threatening. Yes, the internet is full of interesting people. Don't be that guy.

*-Is this Meetup LGBQT friendly? -*
We aren't specifically a LGBQT meetup, but we are 100% LGBQT friendly! We believe in positivity and acceptance. The same goes for our members as well as we are a no-hate-zone.

*-Do I HAVE to take my clothes off?-*
Absolutely! For us naturism is about letting your barriers down and the promotion of body positivity. We help each other feel safe and comfortable in our nude state by reciprocating and making ourselves equally vulnerable, present and accepting through sharing the same nude experience.

*-I'm not exactly a fitness model, is that okay?-*
Of course, that is okay! Bodies come in every shape and size. We are a group that believes in body positivity. That's a big part of why we shed our clothes: to provide real portrayals of the human figure and break away from the mainstream images of the human body. We are about loving yourself and your body.

*-Will there be sex at these Meetups-*
Nope! We are a clothing-free recreation group. If you're looking to hook-up or cruise for pick-up, you're in the wrong place.

*-Will anyone try to touch me?-*
Absolutely not, without your consent. Clothed or not, it's never okay to touch people without their consent. We are a zero-tolerance Meetup when it comes to being inappropriate. We strive to make sure our members know that consent is vitally important and these Meetups are NOT sexual in nature.

*-The: Don't be Creepy Policy-*
We have a strong "Don't be Creepy" policy. Exercise good judgement, be aware of and exercise asking for consent and be respectful of others and you'll do just fine.

What constitutes "creepy"? Anything that makes others uncomfortable. Making comments about someone's body. Invading the personal space of others (hovering or following). Acting aggressively or in a sexual way. All creepy things. Any creepy behavior will result in you being asked to leave and most likely being kicked out of the group permanently.

*-I have more questions-*
No problem! Feel free to reach out if you have more questions about naturism or our group. The internet is also a great place to find information on naturism and how to behave in socially clothing-free events too.

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