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Unlock your Unique Currency!

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90% of people do not know their personality type. Imagine driving a car without knowing what type of car you have!? is it a Sedan or a 4 wheeler? is it convertible? what type of fuel does it require?

Book your calendar for the 15th of December at 5PM as Hassan Al Natour, director of the Mastery Initiative, will be conducting a 3 hours crash course "Know Yourself: Unlock your True Potential".

Here's an overview of the program:
1. Discover the 4 personality types
2. Learn the 3 steps to connecting with anyone
3. Identify your core drivers
4. unlock your unique currency

After the program, you will:
1. Easily analyze a personality type within 60 seconds.
2. Connect with people at work and in everyday life with ease.
3. Discover the hidden triggers that make you tick.
4. Discover your unique gift that differentiates you from everyone else.

Bonus: the first 10 registrants will receive a special gift.

Focus Group: limited seats.
Date: Saturday, December 15 at 5PM