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This is a monthly/bi-monthly event hosted by Thoughtworks at various locations across India. This meetup represents the Pune Chapter.

It's about Technology, Programming, Software, Big Data, DevOps and much more.

This includes, presentations, workshops, talks about Tech.

And it's free.

So in case you are in or around Pune, you should definitely join this group.

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GeekNight February 2019 - Angular 6 and State management using Ngrx

This month GeekNight covers basics of angular and state management in angular 6 Abstract: Angular is a popular web application framework and as the applications grow large there are multiple components we have to manage. There are a lot of places from which the state gets updated and it gets very difficult to manage the state. The talk will cover why we need state management, what are the different types of stores and how can we manage state more effectively. Speaker Intro: Shivam is a UI developer at ThoughtWorks having around 4.5 years of experience. Apart from exploring the new JS trends he is also currently doing Fullstack development. Lilima is a developer at ThoughtWorks. She has been working here for the past one and half years. She has worked on C# and Java in the previous projects and is currently working on Angular.

Network Of Women - The Road Not Taken


The theme for this edition is : 'The Road Not Taken' The purpose of the theme is to share experiences of women who have broken barriers and worked in fields where the world does not expect them to be. The speakers for the event are : 1. Kritika Naidu - She is a cricket journalist with Cricbuzz. She writes for a living, travels to soul-search, paints for tranquility and loves to eat. Away from the humdrum of routine, she's chasing sunsets or unwinding with her dog at home. 2. Geeta - She is a cab driver with the Azad Hind Foundation from Gurgaon. She has had her bit of struggles in her life but has fought all of them bravely to change her life around. She is a part of Sakha Consulting Wings, a cab service by women for women. 3. Neha Verma - Neha Verma is committed to wildlife and is an IFS officer serving in Uttarakhand. She has taken on the challenges of conservation and management of wildlife and forests. She had done engineering in Chemical Engineering from IIT Kanpur and has corporate experience in software development, yet her passion for wildlife had led her to where she is today. We also have a workshop to be conducted by : 1. Dolly - She joined ThoughtWorks 5 years back as an intern in the STEP programme following which she onboarded as a Dev Consultant. Her journey in ThoughtWorks so far has been very amazing. Her primary area of work has been in building software for the Research domain. Apart from work, she loves practicing Aikido, which is a non-violent Japanese martial art for self-defense. 2. Sayli - She joined ThoughtWorks in 2014 as an intern in the STEP programme following which she joined as an Application Developer. She got to explore multiple domains that includes Banking, Consulting and travel. She also practices Aikido, a Japanese martial art. Aikido is often translated as "the way of unifying (with) life energy" or as "the way of harmonious spirit"

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