GeekNight August 2019

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Evolving Mobile UI with Flutter
Flutter is Google’s mobile app SDK for crafting high-quality native look on iOS and Android. It works on its own rendering engine skia which yields some cool features like hot reload and predictable performance. Flutter uses dart as its programming language making in performant in development and production.

The talk will feature the use of widgets in flutter and a sample app use case with examples.
* Rise of hybrid Mobile Frameworks
* Basics of Flutter
* Stake of Dart in Flutter
* Widgets
* Creating a new mobile app in flutter
* Comparing web with flutter
* Package ecosystem
* State Management
About Speaker:

Ankit Luthra, Consultant, Thoughtworks

3 years of industry experience in versatile technologies like .net, azure, hybrid mobile frameworks like apache cordova and web api in c# and kotlin.

I long to make technology accessible and safe for the user in terms of data privacy rights all users have once they agree to enroll in your system.
I love to gym and travel especially by trains.