TW presents: Forecasting Training - A #NoEstimates Workshop


Forecasting Training - A #NoEstimates Workshop with Matt Philip & Alexander Steinhart

How do we move from the traditional milestone-based approach into a more value-driven delivery approach, whilst helping us to deliver more efficiently and predictably?

We'll be running Matt's famous #noestimates game together with your help. For our Delivery Managers, this is a great opportunity to learn a new technique and get insights into great data-driven forecasts. For all the wonderful devs and non-delivery manager, non-BA, non-PM types, you are also welcome, this is a one-off chance to get a great understanding of when your features are ready, the future of forecasting and the factors that affect it.

18.30 - Arrival
18.45 - Start of the Game
˜20.30 - Reflexion & Learnings
˜21.00 - End

Matt Philip, coming all the way from St. Louis, USA, where he is a capability cultivator for ThoughtWorks.

Alexander Steinhart has a background in psychology and technology. He works with ThoughtWork's clients all the way from pre-vision to execution and delivery to the customer. His passion is realigning technology within the best interests of humanity to create real social change.

This workshop will take place in English.