ThoughtWorks Women: Be Bold For Change


ThoughtWorks is celebrating International Women’s Day and the conclusion to Women’s History Month on the 27th of March, join us for a series of inspirational short talks on 'being bold for change' and diversity beyond gender.

Speakers include:

Ruth Ibegbuna ( Founder & CEO of RECLAIM, a Manchester-based charity supporting working class young people to end leadership inequality.

Clare Sudbery ( senior software consultant at Thoughtworks, is on a mission to awaken the inner geek in clever women (and men) everywhere. She also has a blog, A Woman in Technology (

Nicki Czerska: ( Delivery Director at ThoughtWorks.

Danielle Haugedal-Wilson ( Digital Business Architect at The Co-operative Group

Marina Nicholas: ( A multi-award winning Entrepreneur, Strategic Consultant, Author, Virgin Start Up Mentor and champion of change for Women in Technology #womenintech

Emma Collingridge ( Digital by Design Programme Manager