Growing your business - what you can expect when you raise funds

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In March, we explore funding sources and what they typically expect of your business and its operation.

By attending you can pool and explore specific issues that you face within your own operation or industry domain, drawing on the shared experiences of others.

We meet from 1800hrs, ready for an 1830 start.

We look forward to seeing you at this or a future Threads event very soon.

We've published the take-away thoughts from February's topic 'Remaining innovative in the face of day to day operations' on the group Discussion page.

Here is just a taster of what we discussed...


"How you innovate will evolve and change as you grow. Think about what innovation your business needs to do during each phase of its growth, and choose appropriate strategies to make it happen."

"Build up a war chest of innovation. Just because customers or competitors don’t seem to innovate, it doesn't mean that they aren't. Businesses are more likely to struggle because they did too little innovation rather than too much, so keep the thermostat of innovation warm."

"Foster a culture of ambient innovation, where day-to-day innovation on a small scale is encouraged and celebrated. Define strategic and tactical objectives, and encourage targeted innovation that leads towards them."

"Expose engineers to the pain points of your customers, with the filter of your business development process removed, as it may otherwise skew the solutions they devise."

"Regularly broadcast that innovation is a good thing that everyone should be doing. Google '20% time' worked because it made innovation part of everyone’s daily habit. Find a way to capture the informal innovation that people do in their spare time at work."

"Businesses that have become compartmentalised can find it hard to innovate across the silos. Innovation can suffer as structure is added to support growth so look for ways to cut across the whole business."