What we're about

This group is for proactive divorced parents who want to change the beliefs and emotional patterns that hold them back from lasting love and happiness, so that they and their kids can live happy and thrive.

The purpose of this group is to create community and provide support to parents who are committed to do the best possible for themselves and their kids, and who need to be able to bring their A game back to their life and their work.

The problem we all face is that the end of a marriage and the divorce process tend to bring out our worst, at the exact time when we most need to find and bring our best. Divorce is an especially difficult time to be the best parents we can be, because divorce is so stressful and pulls our attention away from our kids at a critical time when our kids need us the most.

How do you find your best when it feels like everything you’ve worked so hard to build is falling apart? This is the opportunity in divorce, and what we’ll work on together in this group. Join this group so you can meet other divorced parents who are changing themselves and therefore changing their families and their lives for the best. Nothing changes until you do, but everything changes when you change yourself.

This group is for you if:

• You’re stressed, worried and overwhelmed by the negative ways your divorce is affecting you and your kids.

• You’ve tried to protect your kids from your divorce, but it’s harder to do than you thought.

• You feel terrible about taking your feelings out on your kids, but you can’t seem to stop.

• You’re ready for proven steps you can follow to help yourself and your kids be happy and thrive through your divorce and beyond.

In this group you will learn:

• Steps you can take to reduce conflict and end divorce-related drama.

• Ways you can rebuild connection and trust in your most important relationships.

• How, with time and new skills, you can establish a positive and productive co-parenting relationship that works and that lasts.

• Keys to building love and happiness from the inside out, so you and your kids can live happy and thrive.

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