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Thriver’s Ed. is for a group of single mothers and/or young women entrepreneurs who have started or want to start a business or side-hustle from something they are passionate about. In this group we will learn specific business practices, share ideas, and hold each other accountable. The main goal is to SUPPORT each other along the way. Entrepreneurship is so much more fun and not as daunting when you have a network of like-minded individuals who are going through the same thing as you.

In this group:
• We will hold learning events with experts who are willing to teach and share their entrepreneurial journey with us.
• We will hold “pitch” meetings where we present our business ventures and get constructive feedback from our peers
• We will get to know each other a little better with outings and social events/gatherings
• We will have writing sessions, social media training, and goal-setting meet-ups to hone our business skills.
• We’ll learn tip and tricks to investing in stock, re-investing revenue into our business, and planning glamorous trips on a budget
• We’ll have sessions where we invest in ourselves. We’ll learn how to style up our wardrobes for the low, have make-up lessons where we learn or re-learn how to beat our faces, and have hair-styling lessons from women who are successful in this field and run their own successful businesses catered to the beauty industry.
• We will also volunteer our time and services to do outreach projects to better our community

To “thrive” means to prosper and grow. Every meeting and event we have will be to grow us, strengthen our relationships and make us more prosperous in the things that we are passionate about. We need to own our time and start building wealth to pass along to our children and communities. It’s time to live our best lives and look good while doing it. We need women like you to join us and make it possible!

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