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If you want to connect with authentic, growth-seeking women, come join us. We'll have workshops, retreats, and events in and around Maricopa and the Phoenix Metro area. This group is led by Christina Smith, Personal Development Coach, and will host other speakers and facilitators. Come grow with us.

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Un(b)locking Self-Love Training

Online event

Stop your inner criticism & step into peace, confidence and unconditional self-love with your Lover Archetype.

The Un(b)locking Self-Love Training is aimed to stop the negative self-talk & judgments so you can fall authentically in love with your gifts & magic.


In this training, you'll learn how to:

--->Shift your perception to a more balanced picture of yourself so you stop over-inflating the negative

--->Create more confidence in your gifts and magic so you can trust yourself and your knowing more

--->Give yourself permission to live your full journey so you no longer play small

--->Step into more helpful thoughts & actions so you can find compassion and unconditional self-love

--->Trust yourself more so you can stop overthinking past & future decisions and rely on your knowing

I'll break it all down to simple steps that feel authentic - not fake it 'til you make it... ick.

Get your link here: https://love.christina-smith.com/selflovetraining

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Un(b)locking Self-Love Training

Online event

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