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Thrive: to flourish, to grow vigorously, to blossom.

This meetup explores what it means to thrive as a parent. (spoiler- it is a moving target)

Who should join:

Parents who are curious and inquisitive - always looking for a better way, always looking for the best in themselves and the best in their kids. They are constantly adapting and adjusting to whatever life throws at them. They are authentic and honest with themselves, they recognize time is in short supply and are willing to share with others their day-to-day struggles and triumphs, how they thrive as a parent.

Their kids are up to six years of age though ideally younger than three years.

Why they should join:

• To learn and explore: what ‘thriving as a parent’ means in a general sense and in their own experience.

• To share: in a safe and comfortable environment their experience, what they have learned.

• To have fun: You are not alone in your struggles as a parent. Parenting is a tough job and anyone who suggests they have mastered it is either faking it or insane.

• To meet other like-minded parents.

What members can expect:

A typical meetup: The meetup notice will contain a subject to be discussed and links to get up speed. The venue will be a local kid-friendly coffee shop, library meeting room or city park- weather permitting. Meetups will be small - up to ten people, larger if the venue permits. The organizer will kick off the discussion with a short informal talk followed by a group discussion. The second half of the meeting will be free form - an opportunity to meet and make new friends.

Members are encouraged to suggest topics of discussion and lead discussions - though always within their own comfort zone.

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