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Member are interested in promoting a new method of creating a village as a group for mutual sustainable thriving life. A typical member rejects the bunker and bullets approach in favor of a village concept that produces good food and can expand to welcome new neighbors if events make that needed. This meet up group is just for informational and social purposes. It exists to promote the concept of establishing villages in a partnership format where property and civil rights are respected, while also protecting both agricultural and wild spaces that are divided and dissipated under traditional subdivision schemes. While a village may be in a rural area there are many practical reasons to build it where people need to live. An village concealed in an industrial area of Dallas would be nearly invisible to the passerby yet be fully equipped to live off grid for an extended time. Repurposing old warehouses and other properties offers a solution to having a place to go if things go bad as well as a place to gardening and grow things for ourselves and to sell at farmers markets. Such a village can be for fulltime residents as well as those who only plan to live there in the event of something like a grid collapse.

This group also may support crowd funding efforts to develop and promote alternative technology, such as solar refrigeration, tillage improvements, aquaponics, construction improvements in sustainable development and alternative financial structures

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Buying land... have some prospects need villagers

Whole Foods Market

Talk and plan on Thriving Village concept

Whole Foods Market

Discuss new deeded village concept and urban refuge

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