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Thunderbolt Photographics offers guided photography outings and adventures for all levels of photographers. Emphasis is on field work, capturing those photos in the field that will lead to great images. Our philosophy is simple - take the best possible image in the field so post editing is at a minimum. We travel to a variety of locations: abandoned and historic buildings and interiors, junkyards, scenic America, and also specific location/subject matter events. We concentrate on field work. I provide attention to the participants at whatever level they desire. Some folks sign up just for access to a specific location, while others are seeking the guidance and instruction I provide. In some cases, I do not shoot at all on these trips, or in some cases, near the end of the day. Each meetup event will list those details. Capturing an image at the maximum sharpness is taught utilizing shutter speeds, ISO settings, aperture, and equipment. The use of manual exposure and taking advantage of available light is taught. Good composition can be a confusing subject. We explore many compositional options during the field work.

There are basically three levels of workshops.

1) Free....yes... free. 2) Small donation requested....when free access is given to a private location to give to property owners/caretakers as a token of appreciation. 3) Workshops where I have to pay for access, and pro-rate it among participants.

I have been involved in photography since 1978, with a Canon AE-1 being my first camera. Through the years, I have developed my photographic skill and have shared it with various camera clubs throughout the area. I serve as a photographic judge and I have lead many trips to the Maine Coast, West Virginia, and the Smoky Mountains, along with numerous day and weekend trips. I am detailed and an organized person able to provide the best experience possible. Now that I have retired from my "career" job, leading photo adventures has been a long time in development.

My equipment - I shoot with a full range of Canon equipment.
At Thunderbolt Photographics, we believe that there is no substitute for field work and instruction.

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