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Thunderbolt Photographics offers guided photography outings and adventures for all levels of photographers. Emphasis is on field work, capturing those photos in the field that will lead to great images. Our philosophy is simple - take the best possible image in the field so post editing is at a minimum. We travel to a variety of locations: abandoned and historic buildings and interiors, junkyards, scenic America, and also specific location/subject matter events. We concentrate on field work. I provide attention to the participants at whatever level they desire. Some folks sign up just for access to a specific location, while others are seeking the guidance and instruction I provide. In some cases, I do not shoot at all on these trips, or in some cases, near the end of the day. Each meetup event will list those details. Capturing an image at the maximum sharpness is taught utilizing shutter speeds, ISO settings, aperture, and equipment. The use of manual exposure and taking advantage of available light is taught. Good composition can be a confusing subject. We explore many compositional options during the field work.

There are basically three levels of workshops.

1) Free....yes... free. 2) Small donation requested....when free access is given to a private location to give to property owners/caretakers as a token of appreciation. 3) Workshops where I have to pay for access, and pro-rate it among participants.

I have been involved in photography since 1978, with a Canon AE-1 being my first camera. Through the years, I have developed my photographic skill and have shared it with various camera clubs throughout the area. I serve as a photographic judge and I have lead many trips to the Maine Coast, West Virginia, and the Smoky Mountains, along with numerous day and weekend trips. I am detailed and an organized person able to provide the best experience possible. Now that I have retired from my "career" job, leading photo adventures has been a long time in development.

My equipment - I shoot with a full range of Canon equipment.
At Thunderbolt Photographics, we believe that there is no substitute for field work and instruction.

Upcoming events (3)

Photograph "Old Truck City" - Rusty, Crusty & Patina Galore & Macro

Come join me for a very interesting photography opportunity at a private truck/auto/etc. junk and salvage yard. If you like rusty and crusty, and great patina, this is the place for you. There will be cars, trucks of all kinds, buses, jeeps, a couple of fire engines, and some unique vehicles and equipment. This location was a site for the popular "American Pickers", however this is not Flemings. Macro shooters will be in 7th Heaven. This meet-up is open to all levels of photographers. I will be available to offer guidance and suggestions on exposure, settings, etc. Wide angle to moderate telephoto lenses will be most useful, plus a macro lens if you are so inclined. Tripods are always highly recommended. Some photographers attend just for access to the location, others to learn, and others to try a new technique or two. I will also direct you to some of the more interesting areas. A liability waiver will be required to be signed prior to entrance onto the private property. Good hiking shoes or if it rains in the preceding days, maybe a pair of duck boots would be in order. This will be a weather dependent workshop, so any weather issues will be emailed to you the day before. The location of this workshop is private, and is completely fenced in and locked. Thunderbolt Photographics will be the only authorized workshop organizer with access to this property. Due to the nature of controlled private access, we will be meeting at the Vineland Ramada Inn/IHOP in Vineland, NJ. We will depart from there at 8:20AM to caravan/carpool etc.to our site. We are approximately 10 minutes from our location. We will be entering the property as a group as access is highly controlled, so please be to the Ramada Inn by 8:15AM. This location must not be disclosed to friends/photo groups/social media/etc.

East Point Lighthouse Shipwreck ...... Sunset & Painting with Light

East Point Lighthouse


Our subject will be the East Point Lighthouse shipwreck painted with light against the backdrop of the Delaware Bay Sunset. Utilizing manual settings, tripods, and my light painting equipment, we will balance the light value between the shipwreck and the sunset. We will also be capturing the shipwreck during the magic hour, and also as a silhouette. The area surrounding the wreck has conch shells, vegetation, and sand patterns that will also occupy your camera. Once gathered at the Lighthouse parking lot by 4:30PM, we will proceed by car to a private parking area close to the wreck for the shoot. Sunset is at 7:01PM and low tide is at 6:57PM. The date selection of the workshop is to match the times of sunset and low tide for the best compositions and visibility of the wreck. We will begin shooting at 5PM and continue through the sunset and into the afterglow. Visit the outstanding East Point Lighthouse prior to our meeting time. I will be there taking a few shots before our meeting time of 4:30PM. Additional details will be e mailed to you approximately 1 week in advance.

White Hill Mansion Photography Workshop - Building & Models / Dancers

This is a great opportunity to combine two photographic opportunities. For those that enjoy "abandoned" buildings, we will have all day access to photograph the mansion's rooms that are currently in various stages of disrepair. For the afternoon session, we will be adding several models/dancers on a rotating basis for static poses utilizing the character of the mansion's interior. The afternoon session will be led by Susan of Susan Grace Photography. Susan has received multiple national awards for her portraits of young women and also specializes in dance photography. For more information on Susan, please visit Susan Grace Photography at susangracephotography.com The White Hills Mansion is in the registry of historic places in New Jersey. It is currently in the hands of The Friends of White Hill Mansion who are stabilizing the mansion for future preservation. We will have access to all 3 main floors, and also the basement. The rooms are very interesting and allow for creative compositions. The light coming through the windows, both morning and afternoon, is wonderful. In the afternoon session Susan will demonstrate how she works with a model/dancer. Her models will be fully styled in a fashion that suits this historic mansion. Participants will gain an understanding for working with the existing light. They will explore posing the model/dancer in the existing light and discuss posing for mood and story. After she is done the demonstration, participants will split up into groups and be able to work with the models on their own and create their own images. Susan will float between the groups to answer any questions you might have and assist if needed. Please see the photo gallery for interior shots of Abbi and Erica who have confirmed. We are planning on adding one more model/dancer. The models will be fully styled in a fashion that suits this mansion and emotion. Admission includes partial grounds access, all access interior, and instruction. We will be available to offer advice and suggestions on exposure, settings, etc. Some people attend just for access to the location, others to learn, and others to try a new technique or two. This workshop is open to all skill levels. Knowledge of manual exposures a plus. Equipment needed: camera, wide angle to moderate telephoto, tripod, shutter release, and a flashlight for some supplemental light painting. We will use existing light and provided supplemental reflector and fill light. The mansion is not heated and access to the floors is via one staircase. This is a rain or shine workshop. Due to the nature of private access with minimums, refunds are not available but are transferable to another individual. Refunds will be given if we do not meet the minimum number of participants. From your workshop fees, we will be making a significant donation to the preservation project. Transportation and accommodations are not included. This workshop is limited to 12 participants to allow for photographic elbow room. This will be a rain or shine event as the vast majority of shots are interior shots. A minimum number of participants are required to conduct the event. RSVP early - this workshop will fill up. We will meet in the parking lot of the mansion at 8:45AM for a very brief orientation. Additional specific details will be e mailed to those that register approximately 1 week before the event.

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