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Martha Burgess has a unique roadmap which takes you from Awareness to Consciousness to the Enlightened Life that is yours for the choosing. It is unlike any other healing journey you have ever experienced. By releasing you once and for all from habitual emotional clutter and circular thinking, you are freed from the hold of the past and move fully into your dynamic present. Here you find deep levels of Peace, Compassion and Forgiveness for yourself and others. Here you begin to live the powerful and ever-expanding, abundant Life that is yours in the Fullness of God.

It is here in the Fullness of God, where you live your life in complete Authenticity. In advanced stages of Consciousness, you experience the Enlightened Life, free from anxiety and fear. Instead, your Life is filled with ever increasing Joy, Passion and Potential. You live your Truth, you know that you are limited by nothing, you know that you are pure, creative Potential as your mind is sharply focused to create the Life you want. If this sounds too good to be true, you do not know Martha Burgess. Martha is a powerful spiritual teacher, healer, mystic, medium, and emotional intuitive who, over her lifetime, has developed a life-changing system of training, not only for business, but also for spirituality in every aspect of daily life. It is called The Burgess Process and it teaches that everything is the Spiritual Journey.

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