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Timisoara Mobile Development Group January 2013 Meetup

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Radu T.


You are invited to the first 2013 TiMo meetup that will include in its agenda additional to a set of two presentations, a teaser for a February mobile hackathon in Timisoara and a pitch for finding collaborators for mobile projects.

The first presentation will feature again an app of the first mobile dev family we have here in Timisoara, the Cobalt Signers Oana ( and Arthur Csertus ( This time, Oana and Arthur will present their newest app, Tea Timer ( Built under the StarTrek Captain Picard's well known order "Computer: Tea, Earl Grey, Hot" the app is a useful tool used at this stage by about one thousand Windows Phone tea aficionados worldwide.

The highlight of the evening, the second presentation, will be delivered by Ionut Antiu (, the Style Jukebox ( CEO, and Gil Eluard (, in his capacity of seasoned iOS developer. Ionut and Gil will unveil the latest Jukebox version, the iOS one.

(Who knows, maybe we'll see live the button pushing for the submission to AppStore :).)

Additionally, Ionut will update us on Style Jukebox users feedback triggered redesigning processes of the app's previously launched Android and Windows Phone versions.

The third moment of the evening will bring to the participants' attention a Mobile and Tablet Development H ( ( co-organized by Codecamp ( and TiMo. Mihai Tătăran ( will let us know why we should forget about skiing or other activities for the February 2nd-3rd weekend and focus on programming.

In the end, Florin Iepan (, a remarkable Timisoara-based cinematographer, will shortly pitch some of his ideas that could benefit of TiMo members' tech skills as an addition to his vision in order to generat some interesting products. And, why not, if there's a team forming, a prototyping can be done during the early February hackathon ;)

As usually, please bring with you the traditional 15 RON amount in order to enjoy the beverages and cookies we'll arrange to be available for you.

10th, C. Brediceanu St., D Building, Mezzanine · Timisoara