What we're about

MONTHLY MEET UP First Saturday of each month to connect over a coffee and create community to know you are not alone.

Are You OVER-Worked? UNDER-Slept? OVER-Whelmed ? UNDER-Happy? OVER-Weight? ...or simply STUCK without progress or momentum?

Are you quietly or silently stuck in overwhelm? Would you like to reclaim your Energy, Motivation & Confidence?

We have ONE precious life:

At Tides of Change we live with a passion to assist individuals discover their potential in health, wellness and ultimate happiness.

DISCOVER your horizon & set your course
NOURISH what is needed for your mind, body & self care
THRIVE doing more of what you want. SHARE in the celebration of success.
TIDES of CHANGE is here whatever the conditions of the sea

In collaboration with POWRUPwith Nat Fox we run Bi MONTHLY THEMED events where we focus on different areas:

+Gain clarity on your Values, Vision & Purpose
+Understand what may be holding you back
+Gain insights into how to create a lasting step by step plan to achieve your goals
+Self Care
+Stress Management

"High Tides : Good Vibes"

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