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The Japan Tiger and Elephant Fund (JTEF) is engaged in conservation activities for tigers and elephants in other countries like India and Malaysia. We are one of the only groups in Japan that focuses on Tigers and Elephants mainly. Please join in our efforts to educate the Japanese people about conservation and wildlife issues as we raise money to support their conservation. Their projects range from supporting Forest Department initiatives on the ground, planning and development plans for road building that may impact Tiger and Elephant Habitat and in Japan they spread awareness to about the plight of the wildlife in these other countries.

JTEFトラ・ゾウ保護基金は、野生の生きものの立場に立ってその世界を守り、生物多様性を保全すること、そのことを通じて人の豊かな自然環境を守ることをめざして設立された非営利、非政府の団体です。We approach conservation from the view point of the wildlife in danger, trying to make a safer habitat for them to live in and improve the lives of people living in the local areas as well.

トラとゾウは、アジア、アフリカにとどまらず、グローバルな野生の生きものの世界のシンボルといえます。広大な生息地を必要とするトラとゾウを守ることは、生態系全体を保全することにつながり、それらが自然に生き続けられるようにすることは、40億年の進化のプロセスを継いでいくこと=生物多様性を保全することになります。しかし、彼らの生存は危機にさらされて久しく、存続の機会を確保するために行動すべきタイムリミットは間近にせまっています。たとえばトラとアジアゾウは100年以内に20%の確率で絶滅する見通しとされています。We see the tigers and elephants as symbols of not only Asia or Africa, but as a global symbol of the plight of endangered species and habitats worldwide. Because the tigers and elephants are large animals and roam vast areas of land, we believe saving them helps to save the ecosystem that has taken 4 billion years to evolve into its present state. There is only a little time left for them as we humans destroy the habitat and push them further into danger of extinction. In the last 100 years humanity has killed off 80% of the populations that originally existed in the wild and the last few are holding on by a string.

We hope you will join us in saving these precious creatures and their habitat!

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