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Small business meetup & networking
Join our group MeetUp! We will talk about our small businesses and get a chance to network and exchange ideas; especially from those of us who remotely own and/or manage a small business in the States while living in TJ! Remember to take your business cards! Or, your social media business names/handles, etc!

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What we're about

So, you're living in Tijuana. For whatever reason, you're here, but you own or remotely manage a small business in the states. Or, you own or manage a small business here in Tijuana. No matter what phase of your business you're in, as long as you are responsible for the function and progression of a small business you are welcome to this group.

Asi que vives en Tijuana. Por la razon que sea, estas aqui, pero tienes o manegas remotamente una pequeña empresa en Estados Unidos. O, tienes o manejas una pequeña empresa aqui en Tijuana. No importa en que fase de tu negocio te encuentras, si tu responsabilidad es que una pequeña empresa progrese y funcione eres bienvenido/a a este grupo.

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