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Hi i'm gauging interest for this group is for those wishing they could go to Tijuana but may not speak Spanish or feel safe going alone or driving there. This is geared for 20-30 somethings. I have lived there for the last year, speak Spanish fluently and have never had a problem. If you want to come down with a friendly group, go to some upper class clubs or maybe just some chill bars and have tacos at 4am (when you are finally ready to go home not 130 am like in Gaslamp) this is the group for you!

For those who spend the night we will meet for a late breakfast and then spend the day at one of the beach-side bars or one of the many reasonably priced seafood places (cheap lobsters!)

There are many good restaurants in TJ, many cultural events, hundreds of bars, and of course, tacos! Come for whichever you want to experience and do it safely. I will set up a meeting place in SD where we can all cross together and go over the ins and outs of getting back with all members, its easy! And cheap! A full night in TJ, including dinner, drinks, taxis to change venues, and tacos afterwards usually runs only $25-$40

when I have enough members interested I will announce our first date which will generally be a sat night.

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