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This is a group for people using or interested in Time Series data, platforms, and databases. We'll have hackfests, office hours, and talks on all relevant topics like DevOps, data visualization, analytics, anomaly detection, distributed computing, Time Series Data for IoT, and NoSQL database design. If you have other ideas, talk to an organizer! We'd love to hear from you.

To view our Code of Conduct and more information about our meetup, visit our site ( https://www.influxdata.com/timeseriesmeetup/code-of-conduct/ ).

Want to be a speaker? Submit your abstract here: ( https://www.influxdata.com/host-a-meetup/propose-your-talk/ )

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InfluxDays EMEA 2021 Virtual Experience

Online event

Attend this year’s event and find out why time series databases are the fastest growing database segment providing real-time observability of your solutions.

You will also gain first-hand knowledge and inspiration from InfluxDB community members to help you build and optimize your DevOps infrastructure and application monitoring, real-time analytics, and IoT applications for maximum business value.

RSVP here: https://www.influxdays.com/emea-2021-virtual-experience/register/

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