Timisoara Blockchain#3- Writing a minimal blockchain from scratch. Special guest


Special guest, Cristian Serb CTO at Amatus (Berlin), here to speak about:

Writing a minimal/basic blockchain from scratch.

While for blockchains everything seems to be about decentralization, most projects come from an ivory tower with a top-down approach or are poorly documented while at the same time growing in complexity. Both scenarios limit contribution by newcomers and create a closed and small community.

To improve accessibility I chose Crystal as the programming language. "Crystal's ( https://crystal-lang.org/ ) syntax is heavily inspired by Ruby’s, so it feels natural to read and easy to write, and has the added benefit of a lower learning curve for experienced Ruby devs."

Join us for this meetup to learn more about writing a minimal/basic blockchain from scratch and Crystal.

About Cristian

Cristian is a seasoned engineer with around 18 years of experience. During this time he contributed to numerous projects and has built full stack solutions as an engineer and tech lead. He is now working as CTO at Amatus and leading the tech strategy for blockchain and deep tech.