Timisoara eHealth Mobile Technologies Meetup, 4th Edition

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1. Felix Aurel Mic - MonitorDiabet.ro - an online platform for storing and disseminating parameters of diabetes with 24/7 availability -

The purpose of the platform is to help the diabetic patient monitor the disease parameters, represent them in a graphical form which is easy to view/examine and share them with any physician (or any other person). Costs are zero for both the patient and the physician. To keep data confidential, the patient needs to open an account, which is a simple and fast process. Once the account has been opened, the patient may begin to add glucose, lipid profile, blood pressure and body weight data (and additional text info such as the amount of ingested food, the administration of insulin doses, etc.) and the platform will display them in a graphical form, easy to visualize. This data can easily and safely be distributed online to all interested persons, whether family members or doctors, for examination and monitoring. The decision to distribute personal data belongs exclusively to the patient, who can revoke any person's access to its data at any time.

2. Cristi Baca - Patient engagement apps.

Virtual doctor visits are rapidly gaining popularity as more health insurers offer telemedicine services to help cut costs. We present a mobile application to facilitate doctor-patient interaction, treatment prescription and patient monitoring of medication and health progress.