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Tinel is an expression, widely known in Dalmatia region, and it means living room, which is exactly what we are hoping to present - a professional meetup with amazing topics, taking place in a relaxed atmosphere, similar to your own living room. We are hoping to attract some of the best speakers in the industry to Tinel, where they can share their experience and knowledge.

Networking is the main core of every business and the initial purpose of Tinel is providing everyone, from students to experts, a chance to share experiences, ideas, swap contacts and meet new people. We are hoping to launch Tinel as the premier meetup and the best place for business networking in Split.

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Tinel #27 - Srdjan Vranac

Locastic office space

Even in the age where data and privacy became mainstream buzzwords, some agencies and developers are still not paying attention. Primary AWS keys are often shared among devs, SSH keys from former employees are still being kept on servers, credentials are sometimes stored into .env files, or even worse - config files. Let's talk about data and privacy - again. The 27th edition of Tinel is scheduled for the 22nd of August, featuring an interesting talk by Code4hire's founder Srdjan Vranac who will address the technical side of data storage. Srdjan thinks that secrets and credentials management is probably the most overlooked aspect of any app, so we got him to Tinel to show you a few useful tips, tricks and tools that can help you achieve a decent level of security on your application. He's planning to discuss some benefits of embracing open-source tools like Hashicorp Vault that's used to manage sensitive data like passwords, keys, APIs, and other secrets. Sounds interesting? Confirm your place at the event, NOW! The agenda for the upcoming Tinel Meetup #27 is as follows: 18:30 — 19:15 The gathering 19:15 — 19:30 Opening remarks 19:30 — 20:30 Srdjan Vranac: Be nice! Help the person who hacks your servers to get data. 20:30 — 20:45 Q&A with Srdjan 20:45 — FreeBeer o' clock! If you're never been to Tinel, then you're in for a treat. Every single month we bring interesting tech speakers to Split with the help of our lovely event partner - ICT županija. A big emphasis is on networking and meeting new people that share your interests, so we strongly suggest that you arrive a bit earlier. Besides that, our event partners LAB Split, Bokamorra and Biberon Cakes will make sure that you are well refreshed with complimentary pizza, beers and cakes. In case you decide to go for that extra beer, don't you dare to drive. Uber prepared a discount-code TINELMEETUP08 which makes driving back home a bit pointless. Safety first! See you at Tinel #27 with Srdjan Vranac on the 22nd of August (19h).

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Tinel #26 - Pim Elshoff

Locastic office space

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