Tinel #32 - Ana Roje Ivančić

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Tinel Meetup
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Locastic office space

Lovački put 7 · Split

How to find us

You can find us at the Locastic office in Split (Lovački put 7) on the 16th of January, we open our door at 18:00h.

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The first Tinel of 2020 brings us back to roots of agile software development with Ana Roje Ivančić, local tech speaker from Split and one of the most passionate advocates for Scrum and Agile software development out there.

Ana is a consultant and a public speaker with 15 years of experience working with dev teams, while her drive for Agile is something that you don't see much often.

You might have noticed her speaking at conferences like .debug, WinDays, Advanced Technology Days (ATD), Agile Serbia and Agile Bosnia, where she spoke about Scrum and/or DevOps.

On the 16th of December, she will join us at the 32nd edition of Tinel Meetup to explain why the so-called "mechanical" Scrum is not good enough for professional software development and what can you accomplish by adopting appropriate DevOps technical practices and engineering standards.

The agenda for the upcoming Tinel Meetup #32 is as follows:
18:00 — 18:30 The gathering
18:30 — 18:35 Opening remarks
18:35 — 19:30 Ana Roje Ivančić: Scrum and DevOps for professional development teams
19:30 — 19:45 Q&A: Ask Ana!
19:45 — Free Beer o'clock!


If you're never been to Tinel, here's what you can expect.

Every single month we bring prominent tech speakers to Split in order to distribute knowledge to the growing local tech community. At some point during the Tinel journey, we joined forces with ICT županija, a partner that recognized the event potential and instantly started to support the cause.

We put a big emphasis on networking and meeting new people that share your interests, so we strongly suggest that you arrive a bit earlier. Our event partners LAB Split, Bokamorra and Biberon Cakes will make sure that you are well refreshed with tasty pizza, craft beers and delicious cakes.