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What we’re about

This is a group dedicated to those of us who choose to make their primary or vacation home a tiny permanent or mobile space or dream of doing so. Whether it is taking refuge in a tiny house, cottage, or efficient apartment (under 300 sq. ft.), sailboat or power boat, RV, trailer, van, secluded cabin, yurt, tee pee, tree house, or cyclist/backpacker's tent, the reasons are varied, interesting, and enlightening.

Some of these reasons include:

**Seeking a more adventurous, active life (traveling more, not being tied down).

** Getting back to the land or sea and connecting with nature.

** Saving money on housing costs (mortgage, taxes, utilities, maintenance).

** Enjoying Cape Cod or other travel destination on a tighter budget or fixed retirement income.

** Escaping the rat race and simplifying life (choosing a less stressful job, having fewer possessions).

** Treating our environment with more respect (using less fossil fuel, producing less waste).

** Gaining a sense of accomplishment building/renovating one's own home.

This group will allow us to connect with like-minded folks, share stories, ideas, advice, opportunities, and find the answers to our many questions. Hope you will join us! ...Rich <br>