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Welcome to the Meetup for Tiny House Enthusiasts in the greater Chicago area!

Feel free to tell us what you hope to gain from this group, what types of events you'd like to see, what locations are best for you to meet in, etc.

About us: we’re forming a network that aims to educate, inform, and inspire on the many aspects of Tiny House living.

We strive to meet regularly to get to know each other, learn about all aspects of tiny houses, give advice and hands on help with building, and more.

* Please include at least your first name in your profile - no need to be anonymous here! It helps to get to know each other and put a face to the text we see on the screen when we meet each other :) *

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New committee to strategize approval for tiny homes in Chicagoland

2017 brought our group many tiny home enthusiasts. We surveyed the group and created meetings to educate, brainstorm, propose and promote tiny homes in Chicagoland and beyond. In 2018 we will create a committee to focus on win-win-win strategies to bring tiny homes to our region. Perhaps you want to find other enthusiasts from your town to join forces or perhaps you want to work on assisting with sharing general knowledge or ideas. Either way, all are welcome to attend and move this mission forward. We will also be inviting, zoning officials, financial professionals, developers, designers, builders and others with relevant expertise to assist in the creative strategies. Note: the committee is set to meet the second Saturday of each month, but depending on the needs of the attendees, the day and location of the meetings will vary. Please check each months announcement for details.

Weekly Meeting to Discuss Tiny Homes for Homeless in Chicago

• What we'll do Our on-going survey of C-THE (Chicagoland Tiny Home Enthusiasts) respondents have reported an interest in tiny homes to address homelessness. The Chicago Tiny House, is an organization committed to addressing and reducing homelessness in Chicago through the construction of tiny homes. ChicagoTinyHouse.org meets every Thursday and is inviting members and friends of C-THE to attend meetings and expand/propel their mission. Below is more about their mission. For more info visit www.chicagotinyhouse.org or call[masked] • According to the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, there are 46,425 homeless individuals in the city of Chicago, . 35,480 homeless families with children. • Chicago Public Schools (CPS) identified 18,117 homeless students during the[masked] school year. • According to Volunteers of America, Approximately 1,000 Veterans are homeless on any given night on the streets of Chicago. The Chicago Tiny House Inc, is the first non-profit of Chicago, consisting of all volunteers, dedicated to producing Tiny House Communities for the Chicago Homeless population. When we succeed, it will mark the first of its kind in Chicago Illinois to fight the struggle of homelessness. With homeless number rising drastically, and housing cost rising, we are taking on the project and will see to it that shelter remains a human right for all. Now say we wanted to build a new shelter, according to dc.gov it would cost between 840,000.00 and Ten million dollars just to create a building, this is estimated from current projects throughout the united states awarded by the Government. We can Build 40, up to code, tiny houses at $2,200.00 a piece, totaling 88,000 total cost to sustain the homeless population in a safe effective environment. That alone would give us $752,000 to procure land anywhere in Chicago from the lowest awarded grant to build a shelter from the government. There are hundreds of vacant lots in Chicago we propose to build on these lots. Creating a more productive environment instead of wasting land to crime. Not only are we cost-effective, we have case management infrastructure and outsourced help for any problem that could arise, Giving the area a secure sense of safety. All ten Tiny home communities across the nation are reporting crime in the Communities to be lower than the surround areas and surrounding residents are banning together to help the communities. It’s a win-win situation Come and support Chicago Tiny House Inc, Together we can FIGHT to keep HOMELESS AFFORDABLE HOUSING Affordable.

Chicago Tiny House Organizers Meeting

920 W Wilson Ave

Public meeting held every Sunday at 3PM 920 West Wilson ave Chicago, Illinois 60640 Everyone is welcome to attend these public meetings.

Promote Tiny Home Campaign!

Next Door Chicago

NOTE: THIS IS A VIRTUAL MEETUP Emerging in Chicagoland are counties, towns, cities that are curious about tiny homes. Some officials fully understand and embrace the growing trend to go tiny, while others remain uncertain if there is a demand or economic gain in their area. To provide more insight to local officials and to support tiny living projects, The Chicagoland Tiny Home Enthusiast Meetup Group (C-THE) is offering proactive ways for its members (you) to help. Write a Letter: We are asking interested members to write a letter in support of tiny homes and tiny living. Your words can come from any personal or professional angle. Perhaps you have a specific reason why tiny homes will improve your life, or perhaps you can share ways that tiny homes can bring prosperity to a town. The goal is to educate, inspire and support tiny living for anyone who reads the letter. email letters to: [masked] ([masked]) Sign the Petition: We have created an ongoing petition to present to local officials to show that there is a demand for tiny homes in Chicagoland. Here is a link to the petition... C-THE Petition Link (https://www.change.org/p/c-the-chicagoland-tiny-home-enthusiasts-tiny-homes-for-the-chicago-metropolitan-area-and-beyond?recruiter=759412309&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=share_petition) Help Gather Useful Resources: We want to uncover credible articles, weblinks and data supporting tiny living. Help us find and collect the best resources to provide to other members and local governing bodies. Get involved: Find other interested tiny home enthusiasts in your town and generate grass roots interest. The C-THE meetup group will help you find these people and create any announcement or meeting to support localized groups.

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