What we're about

Tiny House Enthusiasts Colorado.

Celebrating the small house movement!


We’re a social network that educates, informs and inspires on the many aspects of Tiny House living:

• We strive to be the leading resource for Tiny House Enthusiasts in Colorado.

• We improve access to Tiny House resources (know-how, money, land) for everyone.

• We seek to represent the needs and values of the Tiny House community (simplicity, sustainability, creativity, affordable lifestyle, autonomy, community, safety, inclusion and formal recognition).

• We network and cooperate with related government agencies, educational institutions, development organizations, and private industry.

Dream big, live tiny!

Living with less is freeing – both financially and by allowing more time for personal development, community involvement and the ability to act on opportunities when they're presented.

We look forward to meeting you, hearing about your ideas and experiences with simple living, and sharing discussions on everything— from environmental focuses and financial concerns, to building, parking, zoning, and more!

Thanks for joining us and being a part of this vibrant movement!

Tiny living for life.

Past events (132)

Talk Sh*t - Tiny House Toilets

Englewood Public Library - Perrin or Anderson Room

ADUs - A strategy for property owners - Income producing Tiny Living

Englewood Public Library , Altenbach Room

Sparks gonna fly! Lights gonna shine!

Englewood Public Library , Altenbach Room

Self-Reliance & Simple Life Experience

National Western Stock Show

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