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Monthly THTV Community Potluck
Come find out what others tiny house enthusiasts have been up to, partake in some tasty eats, share/hear updates, network with others, plan something and take action with others, or just relax into your weekend with us. We’ll meet at McNail Riley House 601 W. 13th Ave · Eugene, OR, which has a full kitchen.There is room for the whole family! Paper plates, cups and utensils will be provided; please bring a food or beverage item to share. Hope to see you all there!

McNail Riley House

601 W. 13th Ave · Eugene, OR

What we're about

Dear Members,

Thank you for joining Eugene Tiny Houses and Tiny House Villages! We are Heather and Kyle Johnson, th Meetup organizers for Tiny Houses Tiny House Villages. Actually, all members are considered equal in their ability to organize and contribute to the life of this group. We are a collective group of tiny house enthusiasts working collaboratively to further interest and create opportunities to take action. We strive to make tiny house and village living a viable option and reality for all people living here in the Eugene and Springfield OR area. Our founder Ananda Elyce Reeves ( started this Meetup in September 2016, and is still an active core member of THTV. We have experienced an amazing amount of growth since we started last year, from being a group that loves to share our common interests, skills, and specialized knowledge of tiny houses, building, policy, and community living to an organization that is involved in drafting new local legislation with city planners, educating ourselves about existing village and co-housing models, and even building microstructures together, inspired by tiny builders like Deek Diedricksen.

As of May 6th 2018 our Meetup group is entering a new phase of our being, and are seeking input from members as we move forward!

Thanks to Ananda for the vision that brought this group into existence! We wouldn’t all be connected without her. She is currently involved with growing her TinySpace4U business.

Thanks to David for providing the group with a link to city and state legislation happenings. He provided many updates that allowed this group to be aware of and involved in state and city decisions, and is now focusing his efforts on growing his business.

Thanks to Eliza for involving our group in the political actions of WE CAN.


The THTV group still has the McNeil Reily House reserved on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month. This house has a meeting space and full kitchen. We can continue to offer it as a space for social gatherings on the 4th Friday free of charge. The 2nd Fridays are not currently being utilized.

Ananda has also offered her tiny house as a space for gathering, free of charge. There is electricity but no running water.


Please weigh in on the value of continuing the THTV Meet Up page. Kyle and I paid $89.94 for January-June. However, this is not a cost that we can carry alone. There are currently 646 members on the Meet Up page.

Our options are:
Let the Meet Up page expire at the end of June Continue the Meet Up page by members contributing at monthly potlucks or by contacting Heather

There are some activities that have happened in the past that were spearheaded by folks who are not currently available to do so; I’ll list them here. What other things would you like to see happen in this group? What do you feel passionate about doing or being involved in?

If there is an area of interest, and you have something specific in mind that the group could do, send me the details and I’ll post it as an event on our calendars.

If there is something you’d like to be involved with, but don’t currently have the ability to initiate at this point, come to our monthly potluck gatherings to share, and/or post it to the FB and Meet Up pages to begin the discussion and find others who could take it on.

If you’d like to be involved somehow, but are not yet sure how, attend our monthly potlucks to hear what’s going on, and keep tabs on the FB and Meet Up pages for events and ideas people are throwing around.

Advocacy work, and updating the group regarding city and state legislation
Landuse work around zoning and development codes

Small builder’s group (there has been interest in building small structures; however, the space for doing the work was lacking)

Tiny house village work around community, cooperative ownership, collective village models, etc.

Working with realtors and eco-brokers to find available space that is or can be zoned for villages

See a more detailed description below:


Purpose: Create needed policy change

What we’re doing: Giving public testimony to city council; Creating educational brochures and posters; Partnering with Sustainability Commission improve existing ADU code and drafting ordinances; identifying areas of need in our community where tiny houses and village models can promote a solution; collaborating and partnering with other organizations when our missions overlap (such as meeting the current local housing shortage with creative and purposeful action)


Purpose: Understand the rules that govern site design and building designs and standards

What we’re doing: Comparing existing zoning and development codes from other states and local municipalities; collaborating with local eco-brokers and realtors


Purpose: Create ideal site designs and building designs and standards

What we’re doing: Compiling materials, designs, spaces, and a workforce for building Micro-Structures; Small Builders Group; Looking for skilled builders that can act as a consultant for folks building their own tiny houses; forming groups of builders to join building projects as they are needed


Purpose: Find ways to share decisions and ownership

What we’re doing: Outlining potential ownership and governance models

Looking at pros and cons of various legal structures. 501c10, land trust, co-op, etc…

Doing research and educating each other on the various co-housing, cooperative, and collective village models that can be used to build a community


Purpose: Find legal spaces for tiny homes

What we’re doing: Working with local realtors and eco-brokers to form villages within the existing code structures

We hope to see you soon, and to discover the many gifts we can share to live purposefully, sustainably, and collaboratively.

Sincere Gratitude,

Heather and Kyle Johnson

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