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We formed TipNation.NYC and the Tip Political Party as the Democratic answer to the Tea Party. The Tip in our name stands for Travel in Peace, which is exactly what we all want to be able to do—travel in our daily lives and around the world without fearing for our safely, without barriers, without worrying about being a woman or a person of color or LGBTQ. Trump won’t allow for that, so we need a change.

Our political strategy is simple: Embrace Bernie Sanders’ and Andrew Yang's policies and mobilize the estimated 90 million disenfranchised millennials. We strive to legalize cannabis, rewrite the 13th amendment, eradicate private prisons, implement Universal Basic Income, Medicare 4 All and make the United State truly a more just place for all. Biden will either adopt a more progressive platform or lose to Trump. This is our Season. 

Democrats must run with fresh, paradigm-shifting progressive ideas—not to energize the base, but to turn red states blue. Travel is a powerful tool to bring people together and allow them to experience worlds outside their own. We envision a world where one day New Yorkers visit coal mines in West Virginia and those two groups coming together over that shared experience. But we can only make that vision a reality by first going to war.

We recognize that the Red States voted to reignite the Civil War. And we are prepared to fight back. As in any war, we are looking for like minded progressives to join us. The lesson Democrats should learn from Russia is that traditional warfare kills people, but cyber warfare changes governments.

 We declare war on those whose economic privilege is deeply rooted in and build upon generational slavery and who make no effort to extend that privilege to those to whom it's owed. The thirteen original slave-holding confederate states must atone for their treason and their sins against humanity. We will not allow Republicans voters to hide behind their elected officials without inflicting pain on their economy. In 2020, pain is a two-way street.

Before NYC’s $600 million in lost tourism turns into $2.2 billion or more, we need to join together to save our industry—and our city. TipNation can be a perpetual revenue stream for this city. And we all know how desperately that’s needed. The pandemic will dislodge Corporate America and Silicon Valley grip on the trillion dollar travel industry.

Our initial business strategy is to focus on two specific groups. We’ll attract women—who make 82% of all travel related decisions—with WomenUnitedbnb and introduce Afrobnb to the country’s over 50 million African Americans.  SmokeinpeaceBnB will connect  267 million cannabis users worldwide. We will connect ordinary citizens around the  world who understand we must all unite today to inspire world peace and fight Trumpism by actively supporting our (post pandemic) travel boycott. We can no longer wait years for governments to step in. It took the entire world to stop the Holocaust and South African Apartheid. And now we need that global help again. 

The founding fathers stacked the decked against many of us. However, there was no way for them to know that the Internet age would unravel their perfect union. Let's not walk or run—let's race to become the party of the future. Come together to form a counterpoint to the Tea Party. This will be a place for all of us who feel like the mainstream Democratic Party is not listening to us or pushing hard enough for continued progress on social issues When we are a billion strong, we'll be able to tell our children, “We did it for you.”

Join our fight today and share in the political and economic spoils of victory. You can learn more about our movement at If you’re interested in becoming a founding member, just shoot us an email at

 Tipnation is our platform for building, managing and growing shared economy communities that support our mission to travel in peace. In these communities around the world, we’re creating political action committees and finding candidates to fight anti-BnB and anti-tourism legislation. We’re also providing economic opportunity through Tipbnb, Tipcruise.NYC and Tiptours. Each community will have hosts and tour guides to effectively manage each destination, strengthen our brand and support small locally owned businesses, including independently owned hotels (via Tiphotel).

The BnB Liberation Movement seeks to disrupt both travel and politics by redirecting travel dollars away from areas that oppress us, but instead towards destinations that support peace, freedom, and equity.

Again thank you for joining! If any time you spot an enemy troll in our midst, please report them to us immediately, and we'll remove them from the meetup or any social media channel. We will never ask for a donation or charge a membership fee. We make our money the old fashion way, we earn it.

We invite you to visit to find your tribe's gear.  

Travel in Peace Nation

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