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#13 Introduction to PyData (English talk)

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As a Data Scientist you are often reading or writing code in R and/or Python for your day-to-day data analysis tasks. But why do Data Scientists love coding in Python?

Python has an extremely rich and healthy ecosystem of data science tools (known as PyData ecosystem). Python's popularity for data science is largely due to the strength of its core libraries, high productivity for prototyping and building small and reusable systems. Unfortunately, to outsiders this ecosystem can be a bit confusing for those new to Python, or even experienced programmers moving to Python for its excellent data analysis capabilities.

We often get confused by the PyData ecosystem and Peadar Coyle, Senior Data Scientist at Channel 4, will present a detailed look with examples of some of the cool tools out there.

He will touch on pure python, NumPy, Pandas, Blaze, xray, bcolz, Dask, and Spark, with a focus on the use-cases for each one. What do you do when your data doesn't fit in-memory, when do you need to use a functional programming approach - when do you need a compression? Where does Dask fit into all of this? When do you need Spark? Peadar gives us all the answers ;-)

Bio : Peadar Coyle (@Springcoil) is data scientist and author specialising in applying robust statistical or machine learning models to big/medium/small data to extract business value such as new revenue streams or business process optimisation. He joined the excellent Channel 4 team in early April, as a Senior Data Scientist working on recommendations and customer segmentation.
He has experience with Machine Learning, Bayesian Statistics, and other cool stuff. He's worked on analytics projects at and Vodafone, and at startups like and JobToday. His recent book “Interviews with Data Scientists” is available at


- 18:30 - Welcome and TDS news

- 19:00 - Peadar Coyle Talk

- 20:15 - Strata Conf London pass draw

- 20:20 - Networking time, food and beverages for data geeks :-)

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