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I want to thank the members that have already joined on with interest. That's where all things start. Interest is married with momentum where ideas are propelled to action and tempered with patience.

Do not fear the unknown - stumble into it. I was young once but not so much so now. I have summed it all to the Myth of the Adult. I have a passion for doing new things and meeting new people, but I don't always know how to start. Let's start with a hike in a familiar place with lots of enthusiastic people.

What location are you looking to hike?

What days are preferable?

How long/how far would you like to go?

Are you looking for a fast or slow pace (slow = 2.5 miles per hour, 2.8 miles per hour = medium, 3.2 miles per hour = fast)?

Would you like to get together after for an informal meal in the location?

Are you comfortable agreeing to a liability waiver?

Personally, I want to walk Kennesaw Mountain's full 16 mile loop this year if possible. I realize this is a stretch for beginners so it's not an expectation, but I will include Kennesaw Mountain hikes in my itinerary.

More info to follow.

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