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Moving Forward Toastmasters
Looking for a place to increase your confidence, grow your circle of friends and receive encouragement from like minded people then Moving Forward Toastmasters is the place for you. Toastmasters International is a non-profit educational organization that teaches public speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network of clubs.

Standard Bank Rosebank

30 Baker Street, Rosebank · Johannesburg

What we're about


This is a group for anyone who is interested in developing their leadership and speaking skills. Toastmasters is a fun and social learn by doing, non profit organisation that is aimed at people who are keen on career and self development. We are part of a worldwide 90 year organisation. We'll post a selection of meetings in the Jo'burg North area.

Why Toastmasters?

Have you ever been required to deliver a speech? Maybe as the at your best friend's wedding, a eulogy at your relative's funeral, be the MC at a 21st year celebration or even to give testimony at your local church service.

Have you been asked you to deliver a report at a management meeting, maybe sell your services at a sales meeting, or conduct training with your client?

Have you seen people walk up to the podium unprepared, heard them um and ah through their speeches, nervous with an unclear message. Have you watched them leave the stage desperate, disappointed and demoralised.

It does not have to be that way! Toastmasters gives you the skills and confidence you need to express yourself in any situation.

All Clubs follow a structured learning programme, proven to be highly successful, in which experienced members guide newer members, in a friendly and constructive manner. Each individual progresses at their own pace to achieve their personal objectives.

You will learn how to:

* Prepare a talk, speech or presentation

* “Think on your feet”, handle questions and negotiate disagreements

* Use humour, vocal variety and body language to capture your audience

* Communicate effectively in both prepared and unprepared situations (business or social)

* Build confidence to promote your career

* To communicate effectively at that business meeting

* Improve presentation skills up to a professional level

* Make “small talk” and interact with strangers at social functions

Your introduction to Toastmasters is always supportive and progressive, with your first speaking requirement being merely to tell fellow members your name. From there, you embark on a course of 10 speeches, following guidelines in an instruction manual. You choose your own topics and can speak whenever you like - some members deliver their first speech 6 months after joining … others within 6 days! Every speech teaches a new speaking skill, with your personal club mentor (an experienced speaker) available for advice and suggestions.

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