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Global Gathering 1: NYC

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The New School

72 5th Ave · New York, ny

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Due to the limited space at our venue, we are no longer accepting RSVPs. We are working on live-streaming the event. Stay tuned for more details.**

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== Agenda ==

---- Intro to the TE Community ----
Trent McConaghy, Ocean / BigchainDB

A short introduction to why Token Engineering is needed, and the vision of a community effort to help grow this nascent domain.

Bio: Trent McConaghy is CTO of Ocean / BigchainDB. Before that he did AI via two startups and a PhD, with emphasis on machine creativity and computer-aided design.

---- Token Engineering Fundamentals ----
Michael Zargham & Matt Barlin, BlockScience

Engineering best practices do not end with deployment, but rather require tuning capabilities in production as well ongoing monitoring systems that enable system maintenance. As with public physical infrastructure, the ongoing safety of public economic infrastructure is a duty of engineers.

Bio: BlockScience is an operations research and analytics firm specializing in the design and evaluation of decentralized economic systems. Our work includes pre-launch design and evaluation based on real analysis and simulation, as well as post-launch monitoring and maintenance via reporting, analytics and decision support software development including economic health KPIs.

---- The Price and Value of Governance ----
Joel Monegro, Placeholder VC

Cryptonetworks combine economic incentives and community governance structures to organize human activity towards a common goal. We’ll explore different theories for the price and value of governance to understand how voting power influences long-term financial value. Understanding these dynamics is key to designing cryptoeconomic systems that work.

Bio: Co-founder and Partner at Placeholder, a venture capital firm based in New York City that invests in decentralized information networks. Before to starting Placeholder in 2017, Joel led Union Square Ventures’ thesis investment work in the space. Prior to joining USV in 2014, he started and managed the Digital Economy Department at the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of the Dominican Republic.

---- Graded Token Curated Registries - Designing a Cryptoeconomic Ranking and Reputation System ---
Sebastian Gajek, Weeve

Token-Curated Registries (TCRs) allow through crypto-economic incentives to curate high-quality lists. However, in many application an be-in-or-be out listing is insufficient. We showcase the practicability and versatility of (graded) TCRs in context of the Weeve Network which incentivizes high-quality marketplaces for IoT data and related tokenizable assets.

Bio: Sebastian is a professor for cryptography and co-founder of weeve. He is passionate about cryptoeconomics and new applications that arise when combining cryptography and game theory in order to design stable networks.

---- CryptoKitties Design - Before and After ----
Dieter Shirley, Axiom Zen

How was CryptoKitties envisioned when it was being designed? How did the world respond to it and how did it differ from what the designers were expecting?

Bio: Dieter is a partner and chief technical architect at Axiom Zen, an award-winning venture studio specialized in applying emerging technologies to unsolved business problems. Dieter is an original participant in the world of cryptocurrency, mining his first Bitcoin on his home computer in 2010. Since then he has served as a technical architect on a series of advanced blockchain projects including as co-founder of CryptoKitties, the most successful collectibles game on the blockchain.

Thank You to our Sponsor Decenture and the New School Blockchain Lab
Loubna Hadid, CEO Decenture

Event is followed by dinner and drinks sponsored by Fractal. Fractal ( is an end-to-end provider for token launches with a focus on a great contribution experience and a compliant process.