Token Engineering Session #3:

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Hosted by Outlier Ventures

Economic Space Protocols: On distributed exchange, synthetic indexes and network derivatives

Guest speakers Jorge Lopez & Akseli Virtanen from Economic Space Agency ( will be presenting and discussing their work discovering a new distributed value form, and value calculus, which are different to the capitalist commodity form, organization form and calculation of value. It means re-organization and re-production of economic space itself.

Space is a modular organizational grammar and an organizational development environment that allows us to describe agents, relationships, protocols and organizations through an offer centric association grammar. Space allows us to describe existing, but most excitingly, new organizational forms while allowing them to remain interoperable.

Economic Space is a modular economic grammar - allowing not only decentralized exchange but also the design of distributed value production and its organization. It opens a new economic design space of more longer term (persistent) and multidimensionally value creating social relationships (of belonging, interacting, governing, risking together) than just issuance and exchange of tokens which collapse relationships.

This becomes very interesting when, using Economic Space Protocols, we can:

(1) Attach into these programmable organizations/communities their own units of account: expressions of their own value production and account of that value.

(2) Allow the creation of derivative indexes (tokens) on the production of these values and their performances.

(3) Allow these derivatives, trading with each other, to reveal a value graph that encodes how each new value form can be transformed relatively to each other, without having to go through "money".

See the ECSA Tech Stack diagram (

Akseli Virtanen, PhD, is a founder of Economic Space Agency. A radical political economist, born in Finland and currently based at Stanford University, working with the ECSA team on organizational potentiality of derivatives and distributed software architectures. Hardcore research background, 8 books on the history and future of economy, new political finance and the emotional-affective landscape of immaterial labor.

Jorge Lopez is a co-founder of Economic Space Agency and the lead architect of the ECSA Tech Stack, Gravity distributed computing architecture, built from ground up on cryptographic object capabilities (, and Space organizational grammar and development environment.

Economic Space Agency ( is a decentralized R&D organization with teams currently at Stanford, New York City, Montreal, Sydney, Berlin, Lisbon and Helsinki. We are a group of political economists, software engineers, game designers, finance theorists, artists, cryptographers and peer production experts .

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Q&A, pizza, drinks, and networking to follow the presentation