FOAM - Using Analytics to Understand and Grow a Token Economy

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We are glad to present you this session where we not only take a deep dive into the FOAM token economy but also learn how FOAM is using analytics to understand the network’s dynamics and user behaviour.

The FOAM Proof of Location protocol empowers a permissionless and autonomous network of radio beacons that can offer secure location services independent of external centralized sources such as GPS. Users and autonomous agents are able to privately record authenticated location data at times of their choosing, and then reveal their personal information at their discretion, by presenting a fraud-proof location claim.
Potential use cases include IoT, Supply Chain, Mobility and various kinds of location intelligence.

FOAM tokens serve as incentive to
a) add geographic points of interest
b) curate geographic points of interest (FOAM map TCR)
c) signal to incentivize zone creation and expand the coverage of the map
d) contribute as Zone Anchor by adding necessary hardware to the network, and
e) contribute as verifier
In August 2018 FOAM did a successful token sale and launched on the mainnet. Since then FOAM map grew to one of the largest TCRs with nearly 9000 added map POIs.

FOAM is continuously driving activity of contributors. Because the FOAM Map is a zero-sum game, there is a natural fit for competitive gamification features. Leaderboards are a concept borrowed from games and sports. Leaderboards motivate users who are competitive and want to see themselves at the top of the list. The leaderboard integrates 3Box social profiles (an optional profile for Ethereum addresses). This builds community where users can learn more about each other and gain social recognition outside of the FOAM platform for their performance on the leaderboard.

In our session Arthur and Caleb will talk about:
- Introduction to FOAM
- FOAM token model and token distribution (proof of use period)
- FOAM map TCR basic functionality, insights on edge user behaviour and user feedback
- driving growth with analytics, the leaderboard, NFT minting, social battles
- growing insights on FOAM token economy with blockchain analytics (metrics, goals, challenges)

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- FOAM map TCR
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