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Your vote counts to raise another round of funding for TokenEngineering initiatives!

Naturally, as TokenEngineers, we love to try out new economic mechanisms like Quadratic Funding to support the public good. This is why we've decided to list four of our most important activities in the current Gitcoin round #6 - in order to raise funding, and to tout for your support!

In this meetup, we'd like to present the initiatives, give you an update on what has already happened and what we are planning in the next months.

The initiatives and speakers:
- "A Hitchhikers Guide to Token Engineering" / Sebnem Rusitschka
- TokenEngineering Academy / Angela Kreitenweis
- Commons Simulator / Griff Green
- cadCAD / Michael Zargham, Jeff Emmett

About "A Hitchhikers Guide to Token Engineering":
The "Hitchhikers Guide to Token Engineering" is a crowdsourced and crowdfunded book and online content repo for token designers, entrepreneurs and applied researchers to get the hang of Token Engineering. The book aims at giving the full account of experience with an end-to-end tool chain: from co-designing the digital ecosystem through games, to mapping the territory, to not mistaking the map for the territory.

About TokenEngineering Academy:
We’re ready to launch the next iteration of establishing Token Engineering as a discipline: the TokenEngineering Academy.
With this grant you’ll support setting up our very first education program for Token Engineers. In the course of round 6 we’ll launch the program that will be open to everyone, and start our first courses.

About Commons Simulator:
Funding open source projects & other public goods is a killer app of blockchain tech. The Commons Simulator is a game illustrating how the Commons Stack will work, allowing players to cooperate in building successful Commons. To win the game, the players need to create sustainable funding for a Public Good. It will be interactive, fun, and informative!

About cadCAD:
cadCAD is an open-source Python package that assists in the processes of designing, testing and validating complex systems through simulation. We want to take this to the next level and put up regular Gitcoin bounties to accelerate the creation of resources that can help onboard people from different backgrounds to cadCAD