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Broken Japanese Chat for non-native Japanese -Share your favorite words with us-

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Nodame a.


Before mentioning about this meetup, let me ask you two things.

  1. Are you a type of person who is amused or impressed by small things at times?

  2. Are you learning Japanese? (Non-native Japanese)

If both apply to you, you have a great potential to enjoy yourself at this chat meetup.

What we do is simple.

Take turns sharing the things below in a small group IN JAPANESE.

  1. Words which you find interesting or fun.

  2. The reason why you feel like above.

It doesn't have to be academic or noble. No need to impress others. Can be anything as long as they don't make other people uncomfortable.


Shotgun marriage (English word)

-Why I find it interesting-
① I was surprised that there's the same expression in English. ② I'm learning English. When I was trying to say Shotgun marriage, I said "Machinegun marriage" instead. I was embarassed, but it was hilarious. ③Though we don't have a gun culture in Japan, we call a tight-schedule overnight trip as "bullet trip" That's interesting.

Oxymoron (English word)

-Why I find it interesting-
A friend of mine told me about this word. I realized we had the same wording like "Open Secret" "Thank you, but no thank you" "Intelligence out of ignorance" "Haste makes waste" in Japanese. I love the word "Natural derail" I made up myself. It's about another chat meetup I regularly run. Someone shares his/her fun word and explains why. Conversation develops with other attendees and it ends up talking about something totally different from the original topic. I truly enjoy the nature of this chat.

Garake- (Japanese word)

-Why I find it interesting-
Garake- is an abbreviation of Galapagos Keitai. It's a sarcastic name of mobile phone grew up and uniquely evolved in Japan. It was named after Galapagos islands comparing its characteristic style left behind by the global innovation. It has original interface and platform and they aren't compatible with those overseas. I find this word very witty.

Got the idea? Then press the RSVP button above!

Have 3 words ready and come to the venue. Please order at least one drink at the cafe.

Don't worry about speaking broken Japanese. I'm not a native English speaker, either and I know how you feel! In case you really need help, I will try my best to help you!

Photo of Tokyo Broken Japanese Chat Meetup Group group
Tokyo Broken Japanese Chat Meetup Group
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