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There is a burgeoning stand-up comedy scene in Tokyo: this is where are the info you need to find out what is going on where! This group is for anyone in Tokyo who loves having a laugh, watching great English comedy (not guaranteed!) or fancies a slightly different night to your standard izakaya affair.

Some of these events we organise; other we are just meeting up at. Either way, there will be a meet-up table at each event. We want to be a one-stop-shop for all comedy fans.

Most events are free, but bring a sense of humour and buy at least one drink - the drunker you are the funnier we become, and we need to make sure that the venues are getting something out of letting us take over their bar!

Upcoming events (2)

Get online! on the Mic - virtual open mic comedy in English.

Twice a week from Stand-Up Tokyo we have this, virtual open mic comedy in English!

Open to all comers to perform, beginners to pros, five minutes each. Then there's a fun free-for-all improv game at the end.

Or if you want to just watch, then crack a beer from the fridge, sit back, and see us try out our new jokes and stories.


The link to join the event will be visible if you RSVP.


Showtime is:

8:00pm Tokyo
12:00pm London

7:00am New York
4:00am Seattle

Please listen on headphones or earphones to avoid feedback and echo, and mute your mic if you're in a noisy space.

But do keep your mic on if you can, as we like to hear the laughs!


Some advice for performers:

- go slowly and speak clearly; there is lag, and audio quality varies

- get used to visual cues from the audience, as you might not be able to hear them.

Get on the Mic! In person open mic comedy show.

Titans Craft Beer Taproom & Bottle Shop

We are back! Open mic comedy in English for beginners to pros. 4 minutes each. Free entry for all, cheap drinks. Signup from 7:00pm, show starts at 7:30pm and finishes around 9:00pm.

Please note: last orders for drinks are at 8:00pm!

It's held at Titans, a friendly craft beer bar just a minute's walk from Otsuka station on the Yamanote line, offering craft beer from 500 yen and mouth-watering gyoza. This is the place to enjoy seeing the birth of a new routine, a new character, or a new comedian.

Please note that due to safety measures we might need to limit the number of performing comedians and audience members.

We have a guitar but no serious musicians please. ABSOLUTELY ALL GENDERS, RACES, NATIONALITIES, STYLES RELIGIONS POLITICAL VIEWS ACCEPTED. Only two main things; you use English for dialogue, and it should be funny. We cannot be held responsible for performers who are offensive and unfunny. This is open mic.

Everyone is welcome to just come and drink beer and enjoy the show. You don't need to perform! But if you have ever wanted to try stand-up yourself, the welcoming and supportive crowd means there couldn't be a better place to start.

It's open to all comers: sign up on the night to perform, and get on the mic!

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