What we're about

"It doesn't matter how much technical things you may know about taking pictures, what matters is that you shoot from you heart. You shoot what you feel."

Is photography your passion? Would you like to refine your shooting style? Just bought a new camera and want to know more? Do you want to make a website? Want to learn how to shoot video or do digital illustrations? Are you a digital artist? If you said yes to any of these questions than this group is for you.

What makes being part of the Digital Artist community so unique is that this is not only a place of learning but an opportunity to really share your work. Beyond the workshops and get together shoots we have 1 big annual exhibition.

Our 2nd Annual Exhibition (http://designfestagallery-diary.blogspot.jp/2017/06/tokyo-digital-artist-photographers.html?m=1)(click to check our recent Exhibition)

We also have specialized workshops to teach you how to self publish your own photo book for distribution through the iBook Store. We also have workshops to help you build a website to share your digital works and other workshops that focus on digital creation. This is truly a special place to give you a great platform to grow from.

Our Digital Photobooks Exclusively in the iBook Store (https://itunes.apple.com/jp/author/ronald-mabunga/id646355304?mt=11) (Check out our digital ebooks)

Digital Artist group will zero in on various location shoots throughout Tokyo. We will have night shoots, street shoots, studio shoots, workshops and lectures.

From time to time we also will have exclusive weekend photo excursions. We will get out of Tokyo and visit different world heritage sites and explore other wonderful places around Japan.

Most important thing is let's have fun in the process of creating.

Our Credo

- Learn Together
- Create Together
- Share with Everyone

This is the Tokyo Digital Artist Photographers Group, a movement started by artists for artists.

Please Join our community and we can shoot our way to digital photography nirvana! (Ok maybe that end was a little silly.)

www.facebook.com/thebungalogic (http://facebook.com/thebungalogic)

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