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【FREE】❀ Monthly Meetup Party (LE/ Chat/ Make Friends)🎉 第䞉土曜日倜囜際亀流ミヌトアップ無料
【日本語の説明は英語のあずになる 】 HP: Facebook: Every-time around[masked] people join this meetup. 毎回50-100人参加しおたす。 Do you wish to bond with other people? If yes then you are not going to miss this meetup. The First House is a fashionable, cool and trendy bar-cum-club in the party district of Tokyo, "Roppongi" You will be welcomed at the door. Get a drink, make friends, feel free to mingle. We also recommend switching seats/standing style and talking to new people, so you have more chances of knowing someone interesting. At the entrance, we will make you feel comfortable by welcoming you. Simply "drop by whenever" HOW IT WORKS? Stand up to show that you're willing to meet and talk with new people, sit for a private conversation. ╔════════| ೋ ჊ ჊ೋ |═════════╗ Language Exchange/Chat/ Make Friends ╚════════| ೋ ჊ ჊ೋ |═════════╝ This is a FREE MEETUP for everyone. Who should join this MEETUP Most people join our meetup group with the hope and/or expectation of meeting people with similar likes or interests, and to hopefully make a good friend or two from the experience. Language Exchange/Chat/ Make Friends. Come alone or even with friends, But I am sure when you go back you will have someone as a friend of your life time!! Arrival time is set at 8:30 pm though you can come anytime late. What we would recommend is to come earlier and not to miss a chance to talk as much as you can. It’s a singles and free style event though you can come with your friends. We have a mission to bring Japanese people close to foreigners by organizing friendly events.To celebrate the wonderful time with everyone, we would like to invite you to come and meet many many people. This edition of Meetup Party is organized by various meetup groups. This means we have invited participants from other meetup groups as well, so don’t get disappointed if you see only a few RSVPs here. We will be updating the guests count here. Details: 【Time】: 8:30-10:30 pm Language Exchange/Chat/ Make Friends 10:30pm You may continue to stay or do an after party with fellow meetuppers as you wish. Here's a GOOGLE Map I have made a picture map also (easy to follow) 【Foreigners】: FREE 【Japanese】: FREE too 【Access】 : 3 min walk from Roppongi Station Exit 3 on Oedo and Hibiya Lines 【Venue】: The First House[masked] FORUM Imperial Roppongi Building B2F[masked] #TIPS FOR THE MEETUP: 1. Arrive early. 2. Practice the language you wish. 3. Make as many friends as you can. Our meetup group is constantly growing and it will be a first event for many, please be welcoming to everyone and introduce them to the friends you already have made at meetup. You may come alone or with friends. Thank you and Love from your Hosts ====================================== 皆様のお蔭で幎を迎える事が出来たした。 ささやかですが囜際亀流パヌティヌを開きたいです。 皆さん䞀人でも友達ずもご参加ください。 ╔═══════| ೋ ჊ ჊ೋ |══════╗ ♡囜際亀流ミヌトアップ♡ ╚═══════| ೋ ჊ ჊ೋ |══════╝ ★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆ 囜際亀流の新パヌティで、なんず参加は自由、無料です。倖囜籍の方がたくさんいらっしゃるので、気楜に参加しおください。 英語ができなくおも日本語がぺらぺら方もきたすよ。 日本語がペラペラの倖囜人、英語がたったく話せない日本人の方、お䞀人の方も倚く参加されたす。 毎回、初めお参加される方もたくさんいらっしゃいたすので、お気軜にご参加しおくださいね 【日時】 2030時-2230時 22:30 ただただパヌティは続く・・・・ご自由に 【䌚費】 日本人→0円 日本人男性もうね 倖囜人→0円 = 幞せの時間 参加はもちろんただですが、バヌ偎から攻めおドリンクの䟝頌があるのでご協力お願いしたす 【行き方】 英語の文章でpicture map の写真を芋おください。 【 堎所】 ずっおもおしゃれなバヌ The First House 〒[masked] 枯区六本朚5-16-5 フォヌラム むンペリアル ビルB2F Tel:[masked] 絶察着おね。。。 ♡__♡__♡__♡__♡__♡__♡__♡_ ♡_ ♡_ ♡_ ♡_ ♡_ ♡_ ♡_ ♡ 今たで1000人以䞊が参加しおいたす。 あなたの協力ず共に感謝の気持ちを蟌めお。 ニヌル

The First House

5 Chome-16-5 Roppongi, Minato-ku · Tokyo

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