Shinjuku Gyoen walking meditation

Tokyo Sōl: Deep Connection to Self
Tokyo Sōl: Deep Connection to Self
Public group

Needs a location


Refresh your spirit. Touch the earth. Connect with nature.

Barefoot Walking Experience:
Meditation, walking meditation, relaxing in nature, foot bath cafe.

When and Where?
Sunday March 7,
13:00: Meet at Shinjuku station South Exit (near Odakyu Service Center South Exit)
13:30: Enter Shinjuku Gyoen Shinjuku Gate (500 yen)

What to Expect:
* We will find a nice place to relax and connect with nature.
* I will guide us in meditation, including walking meditation.
* Feel free to kick off your shoes; whatever makes you comfortable.
* There is a foot bath cafe nearby which we will visit after the park. (approx 1000 yen)

500 yen for Shinjuku park
790 yen plus tax for foot bath cafe

Book a place here by March 1

What to bring
Come wearing lightweight shoes that you can carry just in case you need to put them on during the walk!
Self care is important, so wear shoes whenever you need to!

I made a reservation with the footbath cafe; it's very nice!

Shinjuku Gyoen
Covering 144 acres, Shinjuku Gyoen blends three distinct styles, Formal Garden, Landscape Garden, and Japanese Traditional Garden.
Shinjuku Gyoen