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Tokyo Writers Workshop Monthly Meetup
Our regular monthly meeting, on the third Sunday of (almost) every month. Come join us to workshop your writing (English only) and to discuss the work other members have posted. Each work is discussed for a maximum of twenty minutes while the writer has the opportunity to listen with an open mind and hopefully learn something of value. Fiction, poetry and other genres all welcome. Please do not share any of these manuscripts outside our group without permission from the writer. DEADLINES: To submit your work for critiquing during the monthly meeting, please post a file in the designated Google Drive folder by the Wednesday before the meeting, midnight (if under 4,000 words) or by the second Saturday of the month, midnight (up to 10,000 words). Be sure to include your name on the manuscript and use standard manuscript format. We discuss the first twelve manuscripts posted in order of submission. Once there are 12 manuscripts, all others will be removed from the folder. Please don't post your file before the first of the month, nor change your file after posting, unless there is something seriously wrong with it. You can tell us about minor revisions at the meeting. TO POST A FILE, use the following link: Once you see the TWW Members Only folder on the Google Drive, open the folder and drag your document to the folder or click on NEW and then choose the document to add to the folder. Options to Download and Print the files appear in the upper right corner of the folder. You do not have to Download to Print. Note that this folder is not strictly private, but it would be difficult to find it without the above link, and the contents will be deleted after the meeting. Be sure to read all files posted in this folder before the meeting. If you like, you can bring printed copies of each work with your written comments to give to the authors, or you may prefer to make comments on separate sheets to pass to the authors.

Ekoda Campus, Nihon College of Art

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What we're about

The Tokyo Writers Workshop has been meeting regularly for over thirty years. We are an eclectic bunch of mostly native English speakers, ranging in age from 20s to 60s, teachers mainly, but also journalists and people in business. Some of us publish regularly, some not, and some have aspirations in that direction. We meet on the third Sunday of most months to have constructive discussions about each other’s writing. Most of the work is fiction and poetry, but other genres are welcome. All of the work is in English.

Our format is as follows: We post our own work on this site and read the manuscripts submitted prior to the meetings. (Choose MORE and then FILE above to see the submissions and post your work.) At the meetings, we discuss the works piece by piece. Poets read their work aloud but not prosers. During the discussion the writer whose work is under discussion remains silent, but at the end can ask questions. This is not a forum for debate, but an opportunity for writers to hear readers respond to their work. We usually take a ten-minute break midway through the afternoon, but there isn't a lot of socializing. One is not obliged to bring work. People are welcome to come to listen and comment.

If you want your work discussed, please post to the site. Deadlines are previous Wednesday midnight (under 4,000 words) and second Saturday of the month (4,000 to 10,000 words). Because our group has grown lately, we can only read the first 12 manuscripts that are submitted each month, so if you really want feedback on your work, please post your file early. You can post after the first of the month.

We ask for a ¥100 donation to help pay for Meetup. After the workshop, members frequently drift up the street to a cafe to socialize.

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