What we're about

This is an intellectual discussion and social group for people with a rationalist (i.e. atheist/scientific etc) or approximately rationalist world-view. I'm especially targeting the group towards people with expertise or training in math, science, or philosophy, although this is not a requirement to join. I'm also interested in bringing together people with interest in LessWrong, the Center for Applied Rationality, the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, the Future of Humanity Institute, and related organizations.

For the first meeting (place and time to be determined), we will discuss the first three sections of Eliezer Yudkowsky's latest book, Inadequate Equilibria, which is available for free at https://equilibriabook.com .

Future discussion topics will depend on the interests of the group and could include such areas as philosophy of science, philosophy of mind, epistemology, cognitive science and cognitive biases, self-improvement, probability estimate calibration training, decision theory, transhumanism, existential risk, artificial intelligence, technology, and more.

Upcoming events

No upcoming events