What we're about

This is a group for any men seeking the support of other men who have experienced setbacks and disappointments in life. Be it personal, professional or otherwise. This group is being started primarily, due to the lack of support and encouragement for men in our community, and the greater society.

It does not matter what your profession or station in life happens to be. This is a group for men across all social and economic lines. The purpose is to provide support and feedback for our brothers, so that we might reach or individual goals, as well as tackle the dragons each of us have in our lives, as we we go about our hero's journey. Any man that is struggling in some area of their lives is welcome. Even if you are on top of the world at the moment, perhaps you have some wisdom and insight that might be beneficial to other men looking for answers and suggestions.

No man is an island, and we can all benefit from having a strong and healthy support system in our lives. Please join us as we strengthen and uplift one another, through constructive feedback and holding each other accountable to reaching our goals. I hope to hear from you guys.

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