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Test Driven iOS Development

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6:30 - 7:00 Pizza (sponsored by GroundSpeed™)
7:00 - 8:30 Meeting

Topic: Test Driven iOS Development

All programming languages have a culture. Some of that culture comes from the type of language it is. Interpreted languages tend to have a different feel to them an compiled languages. Using a wide variety of languages gives you an opportunity to learn things from the various languages and apply concepts to other languages in uncommon ways. That's what this test is about. Day-to-day I spend most of my time writing Ruby where auto-mated testing isn't just popular, you're likely to get shunned if you don't do it. Objective-C's culture doesn't view automated testing in the same light, and because of that testing is not as common in the iOS/OS X development world. This also comes from the simple thought that "Testing is hard". This talk aims to get you over that thought, and to show you the strength of automated testing to help you right better code and to give you confidence as you change your code in the future.


Keith Thompson (@KeithThomps ( is a software fabricator extraordinaire forBrilliant Fantastic ( He is very passionate about software and constantly seeking better ways to build and mold it. He has a love for Python and other dynamic languages including Javascript and Ruby.

Keith is currently seeking a Computer Science degree from the University of Toledo but probably getting a better education building real world applications.